As an alopecia patient who suffers from extensive hair loss, I've worn wigs most of my life. I have never enjoyed a more customized fit than the way my Freeda wig fits me. The representative who took my measurements was very professional and understanding of my condition, and the consultation was very pleasant, contrary to what I expected. While comfort is always my #1 priority when purchasing a wig, and my Freeda wig certainly is lightweight and easy to wear, it has been an added bonus to be sporting such a beautiful and natural looking wig too! Thanks FREEDA!
— Sandra, Los Angeles, California

My modeling career has been so much more successful since I discovered FREEDA wigs. I am no longer limited to specific job auditions because of my short black hair. I can be whomever I want to be, at a moment’s notice, and I have fun with the wigs too!
— Vera, New York, New York

Coming from an Orthodox Jewish background, and knowing I would be covering my hair after marriage, I always worried where I would find a wig of the same bright red color as my own hair. My FREEDA custom wig is such a perfect match, my own family can’t tell the difference.
— Sara, Brooklyn, New York

As an oncology nurse in a cancer treatment center, I have seen firsthand the positive attitude the patients acquire once wearing their FREEDA wigs. With the patient in better spirits, the outlook for their recovery is so much more bright. Thank you FREEDA for helping these people feel better inside and out.
— Ellen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania






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